Personal Property Contents Management

Let us limit your loss.  Proper handling of your home’s contents can make a sizable difference in the amount of your ultimate loss. Our Red Door Restoration Team will ensure proper content management, including:

  • Content Pack-Out: includes photographing and itemizing your belongings before they are securely packed and prepared for transport.
  • Content Drying and/or Cleaning: Our trusted partner companies can professionally clean, decontaminate, deodorize, stabilize, dry, and restore your damaged belongings (including textiles, electronics, artwork, etc.) – this most often allows you to retain items that you otherwise might have had to throw away.
  • Content Storage: we can store your belongings at our secure facility throughout the duration of your restoration or renovation project.
  • Content Pack-In: at the conclusion of your restoration project, and according to your schedule, we will bring your belongings back home, unpack all boxes, and place all items in their original location.

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