Storm Damage Services

If you have experienced storm damage, the timeliness of securing your home or business after the storm has passed can be critical to your livelihood. Red Door Restoration’s experienced technicians will respond promptly to better ensure that your property does not suffer further damage.

The experts at Red Door Restoration will address…

  • Lightning Strike Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Removal of a Tree That Has Fallen on Your Home or Business
  • Tarping
  • Board Ups
  • Security Set-Up Around Damaged Areas
  • Content Management to Protect and/or Restore Your Belongings
  • Restoration Services
  • Rebuild Services
    … and many other scenarios.

If your home has been damaged by a storm, please remember that the safety of your family and yourself are THE most important things. Before entering any damaged structure, check the structural integrity and for other hazards like falling debris or the risk of electric shock. Make sure you shut off all electricity in the damaged areas, even if the power is down since it is often restored without any notice. Never enter a damaged area without wearing proper protection to reduce your risk of injury: protective clothing, sturdy shoes, gloves, eye protection, and even an organic vapor (aka paint) respirator.

Red Door Restoration has the necessary experience in communicating with and direct-billing your insurance company for all of our storm damage services.  Beyond handling the damage itself, our services include creating a scope of work to be submitted directly to your insurance carrier for approval and payment.  Our history of serving the Metro-Atlanta area since 1994 as Red Door Renovations & Design, Inc. also provides us the experience and skills necessary to rebuild your home or business back to pre-loss condition.  Most often our customers tell us that, as devastating as a disaster can be, Red Door Restoration makes getting life and business back to normal a seamless and easy process.

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